Bal Des Parisiennes

The Bal des Parisiennes – the Viennese Ball of Paris® is the perfect blend between the French tradition for elegance for which Paris has always been famous, and the Viennese tradition for dances and balls.

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Moscow, Montreal, Brussels, Bucarest, Rome, Milano… all those great cities in the world have their own official Viennese ball where people fond of excellence and art de vivre, elites, tourists in search for quality or businessmen enjoy to meet. Paris also has its own and we have been there this week. As I imagined, it was really beautiful. I was wearing the amazingly beautiful dress from

Bal Des Parisiens (5)

Bal Des Parisiens (18)

Inspired by the Viennese ceremonies for their splendor, generosity and beauty, the Bal des Parisiennes is re-enacting the utmost French tradition for Balls, mixing up a feast for dancing and a feast for music together with gastronomy and Parisian fashion, in a mythical place, the Grand Hôtel Intercontinental de Paris and its gorgeous architecture.

The food was tasty as well, with great choice of vine.

Waltz, tango, polka, West Coast swing, rock’n’roll, quadrille (Viennese reel)…

Bal Des Parisiens (31)


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