Sumilon Island Resort

Matea In Wonderland

Sumilon Island is known as one of the major tourist spots in the province of Cebu. It is possible to come there for a day trip but what is the Island really famous for is the all included luxury resort.

We have stayed in this resort for couple of day but as it was the end of our travel I got sick and couldn´t really enjoy that much. Most of the days I was sleeping, but hey, resorts are for relaxing, right?

This resort has a wonderful infinity pool and beautiful walks. The famous beach is unfortunately full all the time as it is open to public.  I mean, look how beautiful the beach is in the morning while nobody is there.


The other one is closed one, therefore it was empty most of the time. Two totally different moods on the same small Island.


Now, the infinity pool. It is not extremely big and it is in the center of the resort. The atmosphere is very nice and I have meet some of my friend there.


The rooms. One super important thing is that you can rent a room, small house or even a camping place ( only for tent as it´s impossible to come by car there). I didn´t really see this system a lot and I loved it.  There is not so many stuff to do there so as a resort for me it was quite boring as I´m more explorer than someone who enjoys sunbathing.  So, let´s see how the rooms looks like.



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