The beauties of Southern Italy


If you´d wish to see the real Italy, I´d tell you to go to Puglia, a region in the southeast corner of Italy, a place it seems many have not yet discovered.  I have to admit before coming there I didn´t really know a lot about this area, but once I came there it felt like I´m in a vintage movie from Italy. Wonderful. 

To get to Puglia – the heel of the boot of Italy – there are 2 major airports: Bari (where I flew into) and Brindisi, and there are many connecting flights through Milan and Rome. Who would believe but I had a photo shooting scheduled there and as I arrived couple of days before the photographer I had some time to explore the region. From Alberobelo, Matera to Bari, then the famous restaurant in a cave “Grotta Palazzese” and the most famous abandoned village Craco. The city I was totally astonished by was Alberobelo. I mean, look at those pictures.

alberobelo (10)

Have to mention the best way to see all the places is to rent a car and drive around as this region is a blast for driving around.  For those of you who like to explore just like me here is something super nice. Totally abandoned village, Craco.

After this we have the city feeling in Locorotondo.  Reminds me on Dubrovnik streets.  Super cute place,

The most charming restaurant in Italy for sure. Famous Grotta Palazzese. I remember when I was picture of this place on internet I couldn´t believe I will be there just couple of months after.

The last but not least, Matera. Truly one of the most interesting places I´ve seen by now. Ancient city at the top of the mountain.  This was the location of my photoshoot so I will upload some of the photos making of and the final product.

Matera (1).jpg

And some of the photos we made there.

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