Graduation day at Goldsmiths, London

The day has finally arrived, couple of months ago. Studying at Goldsmiths has been one of the most unique experiences and I have learned a lot, in every possible way. University would not been such an amazing experience if I haven´t  meet all those super fun and smart colleagues who I can call friends today.

Goldsmiths University London.jpg

I remember being a pupil and watching movies with graduation ceremonies and amazing universities and I knew it back then I would love to enroll and finish a university. I was interested in design since I know what it was, therefore I started my studies in communication design, which at the end finished as  major in branding/advertising.

Graduation London (21).jpg

The graduation day was just as I imagined, surrounded by my friends, my love and dressed in graduation costume. Sure, not to forget, glass of champagne too.

Matea Pelko.jpg

Graduation London (19).jpg

At the end of the ceremony, we had to celebrate again so we went to the top of London.


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