A trip to Serbia

Matea In Wonderland _ Matea Pelko

When you think about Serbia you probably don´t think about tourism. The only touristic place in Serbia is its capital city Belgrade, known as the new Berlin.  However, as we were traveling around the country we have found some nice places to visit next to Belgrade.

1. Let´s start with the most famous one, the capital, Belgrade

There is a little bit of everything in Belgrade starting from the mix of old and new styles, from 19th century buildings to Art Nouveau structures, the Kalemegdan Fortress which is situated in Kalamegdan Park, then there are Orthodox churches, colourful facades and a lot of cats on the street. The city is quite different from all the cities in Europe, it is mix of undeveloped city with a metropolitan city.  Influenced by russian, arabic and western culture. As for me, I think it´s quite special place but I´m not super found of it. Here are some pictures and more details about Belgrade in my next post.

What to do in Belgrade


2. Drive around mountain range, Zlatar to town of Drvengrad

Zlatar, the area which is full of meadows, lakes, and forests, and its elevation and fresh air have put it on the map as a kind of spa location for those looking to relax and commune with nature far away from the sprawling cities. Not far away from Zlatibor (Zlatar) is a beautiful place named Drvengrad. Drive with a car around the area is the best choice.


Drvengrad (4)



3. The third largest city in Serbia, Nis

Niš is known for being a university town as well as the birthplace of the Roman emperor Constantine. If you end up in Nis, you can´t miss the Nis Fotress, built in the 18th century, and it is here that the two sides of the city expertly meet, as the area in front of the fortress is home to rows of cafes that are much loved by the student population looking for some rest and relaxation. Nis is also famous as the town of famous designer Stefan Golubovic, with whom we took some photos in the city and spend amazing time discovering the city.  My favorite place to see in Nis is the war sculptures. They are really magnificent.

Nis Serbia (1).jpg


4. The hidden and amazing lake, Kruprajsko Vrelo

Kruprajsko Vrelo is a really small lake in between Belgrade and Nis, not so famous as it is really in the middle of nowhere and it is hard to get there as the roads are terrible, as in the most of Serbia. Once you get there you will see people swimming and enjoying the local food.  The water is crystal blue and the air is fresh.

Kruprajsko_Vrelo (4).jpg


5. Uvac, a nature´s masterpiece

Uvac is an international trans-boundary river, rising under Golija mountain and Pešter plateau. Special charm to this beautiful canyon of the river, give the curving meanders of the river. These are a natural convolutions that are made due to many years of the river punching trough the limestone rock. There is a great place from above to take pictures of this magnificent river.

Uvac River.jpg


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