Cinderella ball in Venice

Matea Pelko _ Matea In Wonderland

Guess like I live in Venice how often I visit it. It is really a magical city, especially during the carnival period.  This time I will write about the magical Cinderella ball. Imagine being dressed as Cinderella in one of the most beautiful palace in Venice.

If you´re familiar with Venetian “secret” balls you will know about this ball.  Those kind of event happen during the Venice Carneval in March, but to enter one you have to get an invitation.  Best costumes, best catering and best location.

Cinderella Bal in Venice (3)

This ball is famous in Venice as one of the most fun to attend. Live music, good food, friendly people and wonderful location is just a part of it. There you can also see one of the most beautiful costumes. The event starts around 20h with open bar full of the famous Prosecco. By the end of the night everyone is in the happy mood due to open bar policy.

As the topic of this ball was Cinderella, sure I had to be dressed as one. The dress was made by Cristine Donnard and her daughter. If you ever wanted to attend a ball like this I have to say, do it. It is really a unique experience.

Cinderella Bal in Venice  (6).jpg



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