Bretagne (Brittany) in France

Matea Pelko _ Matea In Wonderland

Dramatic coastline, medieval towns, thick forests and amazing food. Traveling here you will see incredible sights with pretty houses, proud tradition and cold sea.  It is in France, but it sure doesn´t feel like it. Did I mention they have their own language there? 

My first trip to Bretagne was last year where I visited some of the famous sights such as St.Malo, medieval city Dinan with wonderful medieval events and Rennes. In this blog I will write about my second trip, where we visited less famous locations, but more beautiful from my view. We have traveled there with our dearest friends Olivier and Alina, who a living there half a year, so let´s say we had an amazing tour guides.

The first place we visited was a cute little village named Nevez-Kerascoet. It was end of the summer as well, so we had luck to catch all the beautiful flowers in their best. Bretagne is not so extremely big region so it very pleasant to drive around with a car.

After this lovely village, we went to see what´s happening at the beach, but the water was super cold for me so Alina made me an amazing hairstyle.

Britanny travel (13).jpg

The second city we have visited was Concarneau where we tried the amazing Bretagne pancakes.  It is also known as third most important fishing port in France. The city looks like a smaller version of Dubrovnik with pretty sand beaches around.  If you go there, try to come during Le Festival des Filets Bleus in August where you can enjoy in traditional music and dancing, not forgetting the fish fare.

Have to mention our amazing Hotel/Castel where we stayed, Manoir du Stang, where we made a wonderful video you can see on my instagram profile.

One of the most charming castles I saw, Keriolet. At the end of 1850s Russian princess Zenaide fell in love with french man; bought him a castle and decided to move in France. What a pretty love story, pity the guy was known for his flirtatious adventures. After her death it changed a lot of owners, reason why the style is not the same everywhere.

If you enjoy watching historical movies it is most probably you will know this city, Locronan.

Look at those wonderful shells. The coast is full of them, quite different than Mediterranean sea where I grow up. Have to mention as well, the smell is quite different, I prefer Mediterranean sea in every sense except shells. I was like a small kid collecting them from the beach.

Britanny travel (51)

The next place we saw was Pont-Aven where you can find the famous river full of big rocks. As you can notice I have a wonderful bouquet of flowers, which I got from Oliver´s dad.

Britanny travel (60).jpg

Can you imagine there is a “secret” boat cemetery? We found it by accident while researching about Bretagne and we had to go there. There is no actual address, you just have to follow the coast next to Etel to find it.

Britanny travel (73).jpg


And for the end, the amazing sea food we tried. Straight from the sea, we found on a TripAdvisor restaurant no1, which was actually not a restaurant but a market. Better than any restaurant I say.

Britanny travel (77)

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