Rovinj, Istria’s Tasty Jewel of the Adriatic Sea

Rovinj _ Matea In Wonderland

Rovinj in Croatia is, according to many, the nicest town in Istria. Second most visited place on the Croatia Coast.  The old town is situated by the sea, on a hilly peninsula, with the tower of St. Euphemia Church marking its highest point. Rovinj is very picturesque town. It is considered one of the most photogenic places.

 The city of Rovinj was named one of the most beautiful coastal towns of 2014 by Travel and Leisure Magazine.  One of the first things to do in Rovinj is to wander the cobbled streets of the old town, after that The Church of St. Euphemia  would be a great choice as it stands on a hill in the middle of the peninsula overlooking the rest of city. Surly, you can’t be in Istria and not eat truffles as they are world famous and truly a world class. Grisia would be the perfect choice if you´re into little shops and art galleries.  By just walking around this beautiful city you could come across street like this.

Rovinj , Croatia

Travel To Rovinj

We were traveling to Rovinj with our dear friends from Slovenia


Rovinj, Croatia

Travel To Rovinj

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