Modern Marie Antoinette in Vaux Le Vicomte

Matea Pelko _ Matea In Wonderland

Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution, best known for her alleged sentence “Let them eat cake” and her extravagant fashion style nowadays called “Marie Antoinette”.  This time I`m participating in 18th century picknick at wonderful castle Vaux Le Vicomte in France, so join me and see a bit of this magic. 

“Journee Grand Siecle” is a annual picknick meeting with 18th century dress code taking place at Castle Vaux Le Vicomte.  As my passion is historical and vintage clothing I couldn`t miss it.  Imagine picknick, relaxing all day in the park, eating nice food and drinking even better champagnes.


Journe Grand Siecle 18th centuary event (25)


The event was held in June, which is a perfect time for staying outside in the nature with your friends. I`m sure most of you are wondering how to get to those events and where to buy the clothes.  It is actually not so difficult here in France to find something like that, the same goes for Italy, England and Germany but other places are not so famous for historical events. As for clothes, you can rent them starting from theaters, private collectors,  dress makers and special shops who are doing only that.  It is not exactly cheap “sport” therefore most of the people create dresses by themselves or rent from collectors as they tend to be cheaper.

Journe Grand Siecle 18th centuary event (21)

The event starts around 10am I think, but we are always arriving after 1pm. There is a costume competition as well, but I still haven`t attend it. Next year for sure. As you may notice I have two different outfits, both in gold, but not for the same day. The second outfit was as well used during the Vaux Le Vicomte event but not during the same day. It is a great experience, I enjoyed it a lot. Can`t say everybody would love it, as someone has to love costumes to enjoy spending the whole day in them.




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