Winter Wonderland in St. Moritz

Matea In Wonderland

I am sure you have all heard about St. Moritz. It is a high Alpine resort in the Engadine in Switzerland, famous for winter sports, glamorous lifestyle and smart parties. This year we have been enjoying our winter holidays in this wonderful location. 

Thanks to its favorable location, St. Moritz enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year which makes is really enjoyable location even during the cold winters. St. Moritz has been a resort for winter sport vacations since the 19th Century. Students from Oxford and Cambridge went there to play with each other, so even back then it was on the good way to become famous ski station. Winter Olympic games were also hosted in this wonderful place, but what is St. Moritz known for now is prestigious Snow Polo, the White Turf, Ski World Cup and Gastronomic Festivals, among many other events. The international jet-set loves to ski in St.Moritz as it is calm but full of events and sports to do, so it is never boring. We stayed there for more than a week and next to to the work we had with photo shootings we have enjoyed in lots of events and sports.  Here are some photos of the amazing locations we made, starting from Muottas Muragl, El Paradiso, Kempinski hotel, lake of St.Moritz,…


Special thanks to “The Carlton Hotel” where we were enjoying in the best SPA and restaurant in the city, but I´ll write more about that in next blog. 🙂


Thanks to the Tourist Office in St.Moritz we got this old vintage ski to pose with. Real museum pieces. ❤ Shooting for “vfashionworld” and Valentina Nessi, international influencer and blogger.

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