Agatha Christie Nile Cruise

Matea In Wonderland _ Egypt cruise

Let me introduce you one of the most magical trips I have ever done until now. Imagine, cruising the Nile dressed in 1920´s and discovering the hidden magic of the past civilization. 

Our cruise, SS Sudan is composed of 18 cabins and 5 suites with Belle Epoque decoration. It was here, where Agatha Christie found her inspiration and wrote the famous book.

Nile CruiseNile Cruise

Imagine sailing trough the Nile river like it was 100 years and all thanks to the Steam Ship Sudan and our enthusiastic organisators Alessandra & Fabrizio.  After visiting the majestic Pyramids of Giza,  we joined our group in Luxor where our adventure began.  Does “Death on the Nile”  rigs a bell? If yes, imagine being in those scene.  Let´s start with some pictures, as they say more than thousand words.

Our cruise lasted 6 days and we had breakfast, lunch and dinner on board. Stuff were incredibly kind and helping in every possible way.  Every morning we would wake up around 7am and start with our day. Sightseeing on every stop, so we were quite tired at the end of the day.  Check the map of our trip and my pictures from the sights to see more.

cruisemap _ egypt



Note for the end: This trip does look like a wonderland, but Egypt as a country is far from that. Everything is super dirty, people are pushy and I wouldn´t go again so soon to be honest. Without this organised trip I think I wouldn´t like it at all. Egypt as we see it (from the movies, documentaries, books) is long lost.

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