Life in London

Matea In Wonderland

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life said Samuel Johnson, and I couldn’t  agree more. There’s so much to do in London that I could spend my whole life here and never feel like I’ve ticked all the boxes.

Not really sure how to start with this blog as Im living in London for quite some time, but lets start with the most common question people usually ask me.

❣Is it raining all the time?  No, it‘s not. The weather is bad in the winter, like in every part in Europe, but no, we don‘t live with an umbrella. However, if you have some flexibility on when you can travel, late September and early October would be the perfect choice.

❣Why is food so bad? Because it‘s not. Sure, England is not Italy or France but you can find restaurant in every corner.  Like everything in London, you have to pay for quality.

❣Best markets? As I´m fan of unique and vintage clothing I would say Portobello Road Market and Brick Lane, but if you´re more into main stream I think Oxford would be a good choice.

❣Renting a house/flat? I live in central London and can´t really imagine living anywhere else. The average price of renting a room in the capital is now £734 a month. map in london

❣Public transportation? It is great.  Clean and fast. The prices are fairly reasonable for buses and the tube, but buses are cheaper.  Just remember that there is NO cash on buses!   An Oyster Card is your best bet and could save you up to 50% when compared to a single ticket.  The daily cost maximum is £4.40 per day.


❣Night scene? It is big, you can find what ever you want. I´m not really a party animal so I prefer art clubs such as Soho House, Home House, Blacks etc.

❣Museums? Most of them are free, which is great.

❣But it is so big, so many people. How can you like it? Every area is different, Shoredich is more hipster area, Chelsea more posh and so on.. Chose the one which is better for you and you´ll live in heaven. 😀

It is much more to write about rents, my university, nightlife but I´ll go more into details in the next blog.




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