Exploring the Pyramids in Egypt

Matea In Wonderland _ Egypt trip

For over a millennium, the civilization of ancient Egypt has fascinated all those who have undertaken the trace of slow and majestic Nile river.  Since Herodotus, who has described Egypt as “the gift of the Nile”, this country is still one of the most interesting destinations for tourists.  

The view of the pyramids in Giza is of course number one choice,  and you can get that from two hotels ; Mena House which is just in front of the entrance of the pyramids and Meridien Pyramids which is around 10 minutes by car.  Giza is about one hour from airport with a taxi. ( Be careful when taking one. )

Things to see : Pyramids of Giza / Egyptian Museum of Cairo / Pyramids of Saqqara / Dashur / Mohammed Ali Mosque / Citadel of Saladin / Baron Palace

When to go : I would advice around December as it´s not so hot

Things to know: Egypt is an Arab country, which means no shorts, quite annoying sellers, everybody is your best friend and always have extra cash for “baksheesh” which means tips.

Pyramids are really majestic and incredible, just like a dream. However, it is extremely dirty, people who work there are extremely pushy, animals are in bad shape and it is full of tourists, mostly schools from Egypt. I would say it is impossible to stay alone even one minute, as there will always be someone trying to sell something.

Mena House is a luxury hotel build in 1869 with a direct view on the pyramids. The location is great, it is really calm and pretty inside. It is an old hotel, therefore it has an exciting history.


And for the end, couple of pictures we made in Giza. Styling by Stefan Golubovic, photos by Francois De Chalier.

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