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Kaukenhof Netherlands

When most people think of the Netherlands, they think of Amsterdam’s “coffee” shoops and red light districts. But there is much more to the country than those, starting with history, tulips and beautiful mills.

Most travelers who come to Netherlands are there because of the parties and don’t really explore more than that, which is sad because Netherlands is a country filled with lots of interconnected canals, cute windmills, beautiful and vast farmland and even some cozy villages, not to forget extremely beautiful people. Seriously, everybody there is tall, skinny and kind. It’s one of my favorite countries in the world.  Sure, Amsterdam is a place to be, has a lot of offer but if you go just 30 minutes Amsterdam you will see Netherlands with totally different eyes.  As we were with a car, it was quite easy to visit almost the whole country (which is actually not really so big).

Kaukenhof garden

Welcome to Kaukenhof, the tulip garden. As it is known for tulips, there are other beautiful flowers hiding in there.

Kaukenhof garden

kaukenhof garden tulips

Imagine forest full of tulips.

Kaukenhof garden

Love is blooming, same as tulips. 😀

Kaukenhof garden

Kaukenhof garden

Kaukenhof garden

Kaukenhof gardenkaukenhof garden tulipsAmsterdam

netherlands trip

The famous canals and biked. We’re in Amsterdam


After Kaukenhof we have visited Amsterdam, hard to believe but from four times I was here, I have never tried special cakes etc, but it is in my list.  If you’re like me, not really into those stuff a simple walk around the city will do, as it’s full of historical secret and beautiful architecture.netherlands trip

travel in netherlands (1)Netherlands


Magnificent road. Take a car and just drive around the country, it is full of beautiful landscapes.

netherlands tripnetherlands trip

netherlands trip

Cute little village Zaanse Schans

Netherlandsnetherlands trip


And Rotterdam, which is famous for its modern architecture and visual arts

netherlands tripRotterdamnetherlands trip

netherlands trip (26)

Cheeeeseeeee! Love them ❤

netherlands tripNetherlandsnetherlands trip (30)netherlands tripnetherlands tripnetherlands trip

travel in netherlands (3)netherlands trip (35)

netherlands trip

Inside the mill


Picture of an authentic picture in the mill, where family of 12 members were living

netherlands tripnetherlands tripnetherlands tripnetherlands tripNetherlands

netherlands trip

Amazing entrance doors in Kasteel de Haar



Such an amazing restaurant in the hotel which is modeled by Church in small city of Breda


travel in netherlands (4)

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