Desert life in Merzuga Luxury Camp

Matea Pelko

Ever wandered how is it to spend a night in Sahara? I did, and now I know. It’s very cold. But not only we visited Sahara, we took a car and drove around the whole Morocco.

Morocco is not so small as it seems, but we managed to see quite a lot in two weeks. The best part for me was the desert, but the rest of the country is quite special as well. Let’s start with Merzuga Luxury Desert Camp.

morocco (41)

With our new friends straight to Sahara

To arrive in the camp you have two choice, or you go with a car or with a camel. Camel is not so comfortable to ride as horse is, especially if your camp is 40 minutes ride, but they are super adorable. After a long ride we arrived to the camp, and it was quite a view. Stuff waited for us with Maroccan tea, some snacks and water.

morocco (49)


morocco (48)

Merzuga Luxury Camp

As the sunset was on its way, we decided to make some small shoot on the sands.

morocco (44)matea in wonderlandmorocco (42)morocco (47)

morocco (46)

The food was absolutely amazing! Best I tried in Marocco for sure. In the evening they performed some music for us next to the fire. Amazing experience.

morocco (45)

And oh my God, beds! Beds are the most comfortable in my life and I’m not joking. Wanted to teleport one to our house in Paris. During the day was quite hot as you can imagine and we were there in March.

morocco (40)morocco (39)morocco (38)morocco (37)morocco (50)

Traveling by car around Morocco was one really great idea! Landscapes are magnificent, from north with agriculture,  center with beautiful cities and mountains and south with desert.morocco (36)morocco (35)morocco (34)morocco (33)morocco (32)

morocco (31)

Big filming studio. Kleopatra, 007 and many more were filmed here

morocco (30)morocco (29)morocco (28)morocco (27)morocco (26)

After Merzouga we stayed in Marrakech for quite some time in wonderful hotel “Le Mamounia”


morocco (23)morocco (22)morocco (21)morocco (20)morocco (19)

Spa place in hotel Royal Mansor . Had to take the picture of it as it’s absolutely beautiful.

morocco (18)

morocco (17)morocco (16)Matea Pelko (3)

morocco (15)

morocco (13)

Cats are masters everywhere 🙂

morocco (12)

❤ cutie pie

morocco (11)

morocco (9)

Villa Bea morocco (8)

morocco (7)

Wandering around Chefchaouin, one of the most touristic cities in Morocco

morocco (51)morocco (6)morocco (5)morocco (4)morocco

morocco (25)

matea pelko

Reading stories of Seherezade in Palais Seherezade in Fez

I enjoyed this travel a lot, as I was never in this part of the world and it was quite new for me. It is perfect to get to know Arab community better and to see that different is not bad, but different. We in Europe are not really used to speak with strangers or to touch them so that was quite weird for me at the first, but at the end I was really sad to leave this country and come back to Europe.

morocco (3)

Fez is amazing! Smell not really.

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