Photoshooting in Leipzig, Germany

Matea Pelko

Leipzig is one of my favorite German cities as it’s really relaxed and beautiful, therefore I was really happy we scheduled shooting there as it was a great way to travel to this city again.

As we had amazing team with us, the shoot was quite fast done. Lets say less than an hour. Sure dressing up, hair and make up usually take the most of time, and to complete this look took around two hours.  I’ve got an amazing dress and accessories from my dear designers and the look as complete was astonishing.  So credits to our wonderful team:

Photographer  ~ Skullova

Designer of accessories  ~ The Original Atelier

Designer of dress  ~ Stefan Golubovic

Assistant ~ Francois Echalier

Matea In Wonderland

Our half team ( we miss designers) heading to the location

Matea in Wonderland

This is how it looks when photographer who is a dark queen in free time takes pictures of white queen

Matea In wondeland

One making of with a phone


Final product with the dream team.  Aren’t they just wonderful?

Matea Pelko

White fairy

matea_pelko (2)

matea_pelko (3)

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