The majestic mountains of Switzerland

Matea Pelko

 Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth – and beauty has a price! The country is full  with lakes,  mountains, endless green fields and delicious chocolate. 

As said it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but with that one of the most expensive places. Everything runs on time here and the country is safe. As we were traveling with a car it was extremely easy to move and enjoy the view. There is no special advice about Switzerland as every corner is amazing. However, my favorite places are: Lauterbrunnen, Giger’s bar and museum, Verzasca,  Swiss Alps,  Abbey Library of St. Gallen, Aescher, Ascona, Zurich

Tips: Average price of a hotel is around 150-200 CF in the city centre, but if you’re with a car it’s cool to take something near the city as rooms are bigger are people are more friendly. Restaurants are average price as in Paris/London but food is far better as it’s mostly bio. If you’re not coming in Swiss for skiing, perfect time to visit the country is around September/October as it’s still not too cold and not so many people. If you’re expecting nightlife Zurich is your city. I have lived in Zurich for about half an year, and I really liked the city. Many say Geneva is quite boring, but I wouldn’t agree with that.You can find yourself in the old town surrounded by an ancient maze of small streets and picturesque squares one minute and in the middle of lush green forests the next.

switzerland_trip (6)switzerland_trip (9)switzerland_trip (2)

HR GIGER bar and museum is absolutely amazing.  A Giger Bar is a bar themed and modeled by the Swiss artist H. R. Giger. The interior of the bars are themed along the lines of his bio-mechanical style as shown in the Alien films. The roof, walls, fittings and chairs are all modeled by the artist and fit into the same designs as seen in the films he designed, notably “Alien”. You can sit and relax with tea in different universe. 🙂

switzerland_trip (4)switzerland_trip (10)switzerland_trip (11)switzerland_trip (12)

Laterbrunner is one one the most beautiful and calm places in Swiss. The Valley (Lauterbrunnental) is one of the deepest in the Alpine chain when compared with the height of the mountains that rise directly on either side. It is a true cleft, rarely more than one kilometer in width, between limestones precipices, sometimes quite perpendicular, everywhere of extreme steepness. It is really magnificent to see such a valley.

switzerland_trip (13)switzerland_trip (14)switzerland_trip (15)switzerland_trip (16)

This is why I say you can go to every corner and you’ll like it. Those pictures are taken while driving around the Alps. switzerland_trip (17)switzerland_trip (19)switzerland_trip (21)

Selfie with our dear friend Isabella in Verzasca. A beautiful and so clean river surrounded by majestic forest and mountains.

switzerland_trip (22)switzerland_trip (23)switzerland_trip (25)switzerland_trip (26)

switzerland_trip (40)switzerland_trip (27)switzerland_trip (33)switzerland_trip (34)switzerland_trip (35)

switzerland_trip (39)

St. Gallen and its beautiful library which is listed in top 10 libraries in the world.

switzerland_trip (36)switzerland_trip (37)

Aescher, where you have to hike 2/3 hours to get to this place. But, it’s worth it. 🙂

switzerland_trip (38)

5 Comments on “The majestic mountains of Switzerland

  1. Thanks for sharing fellow Verzasca admirer! I have been living in Dornach for the last 8 years and love going to Ticino. I went to Verzasca this weekend for the first time and was in complete awe of it’s beauty. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about my hike in Verzasca in case you have time to look? Have a good day, Sam 🙂


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