Radisson Blu in Berlin

Matea Pelko

Imagine sleeping in a room with a view to infinite aquarium. What if I tell you, you don’t need to imagine but to can experience it. Hotel Radisson Blu in Berlin is the perfect choice for all of us who love fish tanks.

When we entered the hotel, we did not expect to see such a place, gigantic transparent crystal cylinder around 25 meters high. The interior of the building contains this aquarium with more than 2500 tropical fish, and it is possible to see it from inside as the elevator is just in the middle. You can see the aquarium from each room as it is in the middle. The hotel is situated in the center of Berlin, so everything is quite close. We took some photos from the room and outside so take a look.

Radisson Blu in Berlin





Trip to Berlin




Matea In Wonderland

My advice:  The hotel is located in the heart of Berlin and close to the museums. The bedding is of a high quality and the room is very quiet. Indeed, the doors and windows are thick enough to keep the soothing silence but you need to pull curtains in the night due to high light. At the foot of the hotel you have direct access to trams, taxis, buses (notably bus number 100 which makes it possible to get to the main monuments of Berlin). Not far away (only 5 minutes walk) the famous TV tower. The restaurant is of very good quality and in quantity. In short, this hotel makes Berlin very special and nice experience.

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