Budapest baths in Hotel Gellert

Matea Pelko

Hotel Gellért in Buda part of Budapest, the Gellért Baths and Swimming Pool is a bath complex in Budapest, Hungary. Situated in almost center of Europe, Budapest is popular place to visit.

The beautiful thermal baths complex includes thermal baths, which are small pools containing water from Gellért hill’s mineral hot springs. The water contains calcium, magnesium, chloride and fluoride. Medical indications of the water includes degenerative joint illnesses, spine problems, chronic and sub-acute joint inflammations and it is great for asthma and chronic bronchitis. The temperature of the water is between 35 °C and 40 °C. The bath complex was built between 1912 and 1918 in  Art Nouveau style. It was damaged during World War II, but then rebuilt. References to healing waters in this location are found from as early as the 13th century.

We stayed in the Gellert Hotel for three days which gave us opportunity to not only bath whole day, but the get the know the city. Budapest is the capital and the largest city of Hungary, and one of the largest cities in the European Union. It is a charming city, full of action, not as the rest of the country, where roads are broken and villages are extremely poor. The capital Budapest is extremely well connected, and flight to there are quite cheap. However,  their money is quite strange, same as the language who’s origins are from Finnish language.

travel in budapest




The history of Budapest began with Aquincum, originally a Celtic settlement that became the Roman capital of Lower Pannonia. The name as we know it today came from Buda and Pest, which were two different cities divided by river Danube. The place is really beautiful and full of interesting architecture.  Buda part is way more interesting, where most of my pictures were taken.






New York Cafe

One of the most beautiful places is New York cafe, where we came for dinner. Apparently you have to book the table, but we came in without reservation, so maybe not to try your luck if you don’t have to.


The famous Chain Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the River Danube between Buda and Pest, the western and eastern sides of Budapest. Designed by the English engineer William Tierney Clark, it was the first permanent bridge across the Danube in Hungary, and was opened in 1849.


The Gellért Baths, place we spend almost a day in Budapest.  Usually it is quite crowded but we came there Monday, so it was good. The Baths are nice decorated, and if you stay in the Hotel you don’t have to pay for the entrance, which is not a lot.  There are few different places you can visit but two of them were our favorites.


Gellért Baths



matea in wonderland


We meet our dear friends from London, lovely surprise


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