Native American festival in Mashteuiatsh, Canada

native american festival

Canada is a country in the northern half of North America. It is one of the most developed and happiest places to live. As for it’s standard it is not exactly a touristic country as it’s relatively not cheap.

People are calm and nature is amazing.  In this trip we visited south/east part of Canada and we came especially for Native-American festival. However, not everything is perfect, and in this case it was food. We started our journey from Paris in the lunchtime, and the flight was around eight hours. As the time zone difference, we were there for the lunchtime again. First city was Montreal. As we arrived there and started to explore I felt everything is so different but the same in the same time. The way that city looks, the waves move, the people talk..So similar, but so different. Montreal for me has a strange vibe, I never felt something like it before. I don’t say it was good or bad, just different.



Montreal St.Catherine street



Beautiful arhitecture


Next city on our list was Quebec. It is a touristic place, with some really nice architecture and spectacles on the street. For me, I had a feeling I’m back in Europe. As the time passed by our group started to be bigger, as our friend Allan joined us. Not only were we in Quebec but we visited some historical villages and there was one I was really interested in because the name was “Ghost Town”. In Europe, if someone says that you expect everything but not touristic place, and this was exactly this. All the houses were renovated, you have to buy the ticket and at the end, you have to take the bus.  Anyway, as the time passed by, we arrived to Mashteuiatsh.


Chateau Frontenac inside with friend Alan


Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City


Beautiful city, I had a feeling like it’s Switzerland and not Canada




Village historique de Val-Jalbert

Mashteuiatsh is a small village where Native-Americans have festival each year, with all the traditional dances and costumes. One more friend joined, who is part of Native-American community, so she explained and showed us everything.  Duration of the festival was two days, where each day they had different spectacles and the last day costume competition. It was really nice to see all those costumes, dances, songs and shops. Museum was quite close to that festival so we went there as well. The guide explained step by step about the history, which was really emotional for me.


Native-American festival in Mashteuiatsh “Pointe-Bleue”







Musée amérindien de Mashteuiatsh


In that same village, you can find B&B house who’s owner is the eight generation of family Robertson. That house is quite special because it looks like a museum, and Mister Robertson is always there to explain even more. However, French is the main language in this part of Canada, so don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t speak English.


Auberge Maison Robertson, house & hotel which is in the same family for more than eight generations



With Alan, Noella and Mister Robertson


Zoo sauvage de Saint-Felicien




We’re still in the zoo, which is a resort



We came to visit lovely whales. Take your warmest clothes because it’s extremely cold.



Hotel Tadusac

As our trip was slowly going towards end, we started to travel back to Montreal direction and stopped in the city Tadusac, where one can see the whales, which we did. It was extremely cold, even for summer period. If you’re into nature and calm trip, Canada is a great place.

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