7000 Tropical Islands in Philippines

Travel to Philippines

The Philippines is a land not typical for Asia – not only culturally but also spiritually.  Overwhelming Catholicism as the result of 350 years of Spanish rule,  English equal as main language and transport not really in the best shape. 

Our trip started from Manila, capital of the Philippines. Why I say bad transport? Because it’s not possible to travel from one island to another, unless you book far advance, go by boat which would take whole day or simply take a plane to Manila and from there to which ever location you would like to go, and that will take a day again.  Anyway, let’s go to Sumilon Island resort in Cebu. It is a small cute Island with beautiful beach and infinity pool, however for the price and what the offer you can pass better.



Beach at the Bluewater Island Resort at Sumilon




Sumilon Island resort beach


Woooho. Nobody there as it’s quite early


Infinity pool



Second small “pool” next to the main one




We stayed couple of day there but as we love to explore we got bored quite fast. It’s more a family location I would say. The positive thing is that people are quite friendly and trying to help so one of the guards found us a transport for our next destination. We were traveling around Cebu and trying to find a way to go to Boracay which we eventually did but we had to get back to Manila. Before leaving Cebu, we went to unusual location “Chocolate Hills”







Our driver


Welcome to Chocolate Hills




Having fun at the airport

Airport, out best friend. But this time we had entertainment.  This time we were in Island Palawan, one of the most beautiful ones as they have El Nido beach and it is quite close to Coron, which we didn’t visit as all the flights were booked and by boat it would take too much time. Anyway, El Nido was astonishing. Here are some pictures.


Welcome to El Nido


The most beautiful beach in Philippines


Where you can drink coconut straight from the three



Amazing view



Nature as you can see is fantastic and there is a lot of things to do. After El Nido we went to Manila, again, and decided to stay there one day and explore. The city is quite hectic and not safe. All together Philippines are extremely beautiful but tourism is still not completely developed which can be good and bad in the same time.



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