Visiting Count Dracula in Romania

Matea In Wonderland / Matea Pelko

Romania, birth place of Dracula, majestic Carpathian forest and incredible mountain road Transfagarasan. Located in Southeast Europe, it is relatively big area which would mean it is not possible to visit it completely in one week as we planed to.

 As Romania is not really a touristic place to visit, lot’s of people got quite skeptical once we told them we’re going there for a holiday. In our usual style, we went there without any  plans. Cluj-Napoca was the starting point of the trip as our friends with two amazing dogs live there. Not so far away from Cluj-Napoca, there is a hidden treasure called Salina Turda. I have never heard about this place before, even when researching about Romania there was no mentions of this place. It is a salt mine who looks like a scene from a futuristic movie.


Movie scene, I told you. Astonishing location


Inside of the salt mine. You can literally take salt from the wall

After the mine, Alba Iulia was our next destination. Since Romania is quite a big country and you can’t see everything in one week, we stayed around Transylvanian area. Alba Ilua is a pretty little town with charming medieval castle, which is a hotel and a restaurant.  Here is one picture from the interior.


Group picture in a medieval caste


Nice idea. Our hotel room

Op, as the evening was closer we moved to another location, Sibiu. Pretty little town with a medieval charm again, who was designated by the European Capital of Culture as the most important cultural centers and it is ranked as “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live”. Loved the Orthodox Churches and calm way of life. The next day we were on our way to Bran’s Castle. For ones who don’t know,  Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), sometimes known as Vlad Dracul,  was the inspiration for the Bram Stoker’s Dracula. 


While you’re bored in the car

In the villages near Bran, there is a belief in the existence of evil spirits called ghosts or “steregoi” (a variant of “strigoi”). Strigoi were people who lived during the night and hunt villagers. Tepes was one of them by the legend. He was the prince of the Wallachia , and while defending his kingdom he would impale his enemies to scare them. He was defending Balkans from Ottomans.  So, thank him for that, not such a bad guy after all. 😀 Anyway, here we are. As this castle was connected to begging of vampire legend, we decided to dress like vampires and scare people around.


Welcome to Bran’s castle, where the legend of Dracula began


Photoshooting in front of the caste, later visiting the caste in this outfit. Creators of this amazing outfit are “Soire Prive”


Inside of the caste with Alina


Group picture again. Rain and thunders for better atmosphere


Time to go to another location, but first we need to take a selfie 😀

Loved the castle, almost as I could feel some strange vampire energy around us. Did I mention that storm started right when we entered the castle, and stopped few minutes later when we got out. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Anyway, next stop. Peles Castle.


Peles castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Romania


Inside of Peles castle. Part of photo shooting with amazing “Soire Prive”


Books! Books! Books!


Oh god, this is just wonderful


Dinning room


Outside of Peles castle


Soire Prive creators. My favorite couple 🙂

After those beautiful castles and vampire feelings, we couldn’t really stop with it, so we decided to visit home town of mister Tepeš. Sighisoara is the name of the town where the legend was born. It is really funny as house of mister Tepeš now look like a bad scene from horror movie. It is completely covered so there is no light, and there is a sarcophagus in the middle of the room with a guy who is sleeping in it, and occasionally wakes up to scare us. Some of us, at least. Nice job tho, to sleep and sometimes scare little kids. Fun, fun.



In the house where Dracula was born. Looks a bit funny but hey, who said vampires are not funny? 😀



Don’t forget, we’re in Romania

And so on, we’re driving around Transylvania. Picture us is pretty much normal thing to see in Romania. And picture down is something you wouldn’t really expect to see. It’s a gypsy house. King of gypsies tho. Next time they beg you for money on the street think twice. Houses are huge and every now and then person walks around it. Security, because you never know.


Gipsy house in Romania. Imagine


Steampunk bar. Looks amazing

steampunk_bar_telombrePhoto by me /  Model: Telombre

OMG! Really omg. Steam-punk bar in Cluj-Napoca. Absolutely amazing. It looks like from the movie again. I literary couldn’t  believe how amazing it is. There is picture from inside, walls are moving!!!! Just wow.




Knight: “Just sitting here, waiting for my meal.”

At the end, I can say we will need to come back again. There is so much to see in Romania. Bigur waterfall is on our list next, Bucurest and south Romania.

Naopte buna guys! Hope to see some of you as a vampires next time. 🙂

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