Behind the scenes of Venice Carnival Festival

Matea in wonderland

As someone who traveled whole Europe I can say Venice has a special magic, and in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe. Wonderful city floating on the water, movie festivals, biennials and the last but not the least, Carnival Festival.

Venice as a city is really magical, expect the rain part. I watched all the amazing images with costumes and costumed parties for couple of years before I actually attend it and I can say it is really amazing. Let’s start with amazing costumed parties and magic of the carnival, but do keep if mind, if you ever plan to visit it, it is not cheap. To rent an costume or apartment during that period is quite expensive. I’ve had luck as I’ve got some of them for photo shootings.


First two pictures are during the photo shooting, and third is during the party in amazing palazzo. I attended three parties which I liked a lot. Every party has a specific theme so for this year, theme one of the parties is “Cinderella”. Entrance to those parties is minimum 100€  but alcohol and food are included.



Before every party people are usually meeting in Caffe Florian in the center of Venice. You can see who is going to which party as themes are different for each.


The most beautiful hotel “Danieli” where we took our tea every day, and pictures down are just before attending one of the parties.




The carnival lasts for couple of weeks but best parties are all around one week so I was there only for one week. Some more pictures to show the atmosphere and see you next year there hopefully. 🙂




3 Comments on “Behind the scenes of Venice Carnival Festival

  1. Hi! How are you? I saw your amazing blog its so awesome! That’s why I followed you 😀 Wow! I hope to read more of your post. I hope we could be friends also. 😀 Nice meeting you.


    • Hey 🙂 Winter is coming slowly so I’m a bit sick at the moment, hope you’re better hihi. 🙂 Thank you for kind words, if we meet somewhere we should meet definitely. 🙂


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