San Antonio Suites in Santorini, Greece

Matea Pelko

Wonder which hotel to chose while in Santorini? I would definitely advise San Antonio Suites as the view, infinity pool, rooms and stuff are absolutely amazing. Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, in Greece.

It is famous for the white cave like houses and the most beautiful sunset in the world. The Island is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island, and created the current look with famous black beaches as Kamari.

Mon Cheri and I are not really organized type of people so everything we knew was that we’re traveling to Santorini, without any hotel reservation or even a plan what to do there, so as we arrived first we noticed it is so extremely easy to move around the Island and all the people there are extremely nice and willing to help. So we sat in the taxi, and told him to drive us to the most beautiful beach, which was in Kamari. He mentioned Oia is the place most famous for view and Kamari is the place to be if you’re into beaches. So, we went to Kamari, took a car there and started our journey. All together we stayed almost a week and half and drove around the whole island.


Kamari Beach


So, Kamari. When we got there I was really amazed how wonderful it is, definitely  in my top 5 places I visited.  Warm weather, chilly wind, big waves and amazing sand made one wonderful combo.


As I’m really into beaches I had to start with them, but now, let’s move to the hotel that blow our mind. Yes, it was that good. Hotel San Antonio was a best surprise for us, as we came totally without any plan or expectations. Local people told us about this place and we decided to visit it. As we came, this was expecting us:


Welcome to San Antonio Suites


View from the room


Wonderful picture, have to mention there is no Photoshop what so ever, place is just outstanding. San Antonio Suites have one of the best infinity pools and rooms are designed in a caves. Staff is outstanding, polite and friend in the same time. Every now and then they surprised me with a bottle of water, and a nice chat. I can’t really decide if I prefer the view during the day or in the night. I’m quite a critical person, but for this pace I can’t really say anything bad.




Night view in San Antonio Hotel

Santorini is full of small little hidden places, worth to see each one of them. One of those places is this mountain, and on the opposite side of it small Church.


The hidden church.


As we’re quite curious couple, we decided to visit whole Island. We took the car and drove through it. It didn’t really take a lot of time as the Island is not so big. Luxurious hotels and tourism is around Oia and more to the north as it seemed to me, but to the south you can meet real local people who live there. Accidentally we came to one small place in the south, while people were going to the mass and we managed to see the whole community and meet locals. Absolutely loved that place, no feeling what so ever of the tourism.



Caaaaaaaat ❤


Doors to heaven

Did I mention cats are masters of this Island? Almost on every corner we found one pretty cat, which was amazing for me as I’m a crazy cat lady. Anyway, our trip to Santorini was one of my favorites. The Island is absolutely beautiful, so if you’re into calm place for relaxing and discovering, Santorini is a perfect choice.

Efharisto para poli Santorini.

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